Polyglas 5010

Polyglas 5010 is an aqueous dispersion based on high molecular weight ethylene copolymer thermoplastic.

It is suitable for gluing paper and aluminum protective foils on the top of jars and glass containers for chococreams, yogurt and jams.

The application can be done by the glass factory and then be left to dry to be subsequently reactivated by the food producer when the jar is filled.
In this way you can offer an extra service to your customers.

Let the food producer forget about the glue

Many of our customers have expressed positive feedbacks on this products cause they can offer an added services to their food producer customers which can forget about managing application and procurement of the glue.

Bohemi Chemicals - Thermosealing glue



Polyglas 5010 is an aqueous dispersion based on high molecular weight ethylene copolymer thermoplastic, having excellent adhesion on glass, aluminum, metal and other polar substrates.

It has the particularity to be applied by the glass factory and secondly be reactivated by the food producer.



 O.C.O norm




White liquid



8 – 10

 Non volatile contents


24 – 26 %

 Viscosity @25°C


< 1000 mPa.s


  • Heat-seal coating with good flexibility on many substrates as metal, glass, plastic like polyethylene.
  • It provides clear film which is resistant to water, solvent, grease and
  • After the application can be left to dry and subsequently reactivated by the food producer after the filling operation of the jar


  • It can be applied pure or diluted with demineralized water.
  • It is necessary to maintain a pH greater than or equal to
  • Drying take place from room temperature to 120°C.
  • After a complete drying film, the recommended heat seal temperature is 90 to 130°C.


  • Shelf life: 6 months in original
  • Must be protected from frost during transport, storage between 5 and 35°C.


Its formula respects many food agreements including Regulation (UE) n° 10/2011 concerning plastic materials intended to enter in contact with food products (food contact status available on demand) as well as FDA 175-300 or 175-105)

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Bohemi Chemicals is certified ISO 9001: 2008.
TUV NORD CERT: for the supply of chemicals and related after-sales services and for use in hot and cold treatment in glass processing

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