Different qualities for different needs

We divide hollow glass production into 3 main categories:

  • Standard bottles
  • Luxury bottles
  • Tableware 
They can differs a lot regarding shape, weight, packaging processes and especially costs, so we have differentiated our cold end coating into 3 mains categories to optimize at best the quality/cost ratio of the product.
Bohemi Chemicals - Polyglas D4218M


Polyetylene wax emulsion suitable for an excellent protection of standard weight bottles

Bohemi Chemicals - Polyglas D1500


Polyetylene and copolymer wax emulsion suitable for a superior level of protection for heavy and non standard shaped bottles

Bohemi Chemicals - Polyglas En21


Aqueous dispersion based on waxes suitable for protection and lubricity to jars, bottles tumblers

Polyglas D1500 is the solution for quality problems

Many of our customers besides the stock of Polyglas D4218M ask us the Polyglas D1500 due to its versatility and stronger protection.

Polyglas D1500 can be a solution for: 

  • Bottles to be shipped at long distances
  • Labelling problems 
  • Conical bottles 
  • Bottles subjected to aging 
Performing Cold end Coating - Bohemi Chemicals Polyglas D1500