Monobutyltintrichloride ( MBTCl3 )


MBTCl3 is a liquid and used as raw material for production of PVC-Heat-Stabilizers and Butyltin-catalysts for esterification and transesterification reactions. MBTCl3 is also used for glass coating.

Molecular weight           g/mol  282,17

Density (20C)              g/ml    1,70-1,73

Boiling point  (16 hPa)   C  102

Viscosity  mPa.s            appr. 7

Colour                           clear up to slight yellow


Content of tin               %  min 41,0 

Content of chloride      %  min 36,0 

Content of MBTCl      %  min 98,5 

Di-content                   %  max 0,3 

Tri-content                  %  n.d. 

Moisture                     %  < 0,01
Properties Tin oxide coating on glass surface to increase mechanical resistance and to prepare the glass surface for cold and coating. The tin oxide distribution on the glass surface is better than using other tin chemicals.
Applications With automatic hood equipment only and dosing with pump.Startin S is used on glass containers like: Bottles jars and other containers for food.

Normally storage in cool, dry areas is sufficient.Care must be takent to prevent the contact with water.To clean the pump or equipment use only alcool.Take the drum full and closed.

Packing Startin S is supplied in 50 kg polyethyiene lined steel drums.
Safety Can be irritating and corrosive to the skin, eyes, nose and respiration tract. For industrial use only.

And now please scratch two empty bottles togheter.

If you are not able to scratch
 the surfaces, then the bottles
are almost certainly coated with
Bohemi Chemicals
Startin S and Polyglas.